Mt. Goryesan

Distance from Seoul : 1:30 hour by car
Height : 436 M

Goryesan locates in Ganghwa, west from Seoul and just beneath from DMZ. This mountain is famous for Korean Rosebay flower in April and Reeds in Autumn. The height is not so high so it takes 2 and half hours for round hiking from the start point.
There's so many legend, temples and Dolmen in this mountain. Also you can watch North Korea too, but not closely of course.

All pictures are from my Korean Blog and taken by me :

Goryesan is famous for the Korean rosebay in April.

  World heritage - Dolmen

Juksuksa - Temple


100 beautiful mountains in Korea

  In 2005, Korea government announced 100 beautiful mountains in South Korea not North. Except few high mountains, they are very good for one day hiking and tracking. The SAN of the last 3 characters of mountain name means mountain.

MountainPeak(ft)LocationDistance from Seoul by car
Gwanaksan2064 Seoul
Dobongsan2428 Seoul
Gumjeongsan2631Busan5 hours
Bisulsan3556Daegu4 hours
Manisan1539Kanghwa1.5 hours
Moodeungsan3894Gwanju4 hours
Kyeryoungsan2772Daejeon3 hours
Sinbulsan3967Woolsan5 hours
Gajisan4068Woolsan5 hours
Myungjisan4157Kyunggi2 hours
Hwaksan4816Kyunggi2 hours
Yoomyungsan2828Kyunggi2 hours
Woonaksan3071Kyunggi2 hours
Chukryoungsan2884Kyunggi2 hours
Chunmasan2664Kyunggi2 hours
Soyosan1834Kyunggi2 hours
Yongmoonsan3796Kyunggi2 hours
Baikwoonsan2966Kyunggi2 hours
Gamaksan2215Kyunggi2 hours
Myungsungsan3028Kyunggi2 hours
Daeamsan4278Kangwon4 hours
Dootasan4439Kangwon4 hours
Dukhangsan3514Kangwon4 hours
Eoungbongsan3278Kangwon4 hours
Jumbongsan4672Kangwon4 hours
Baikduksan4429Kangwon4 hours
Taewhasan3369Kangwon4 hours
Baikwoonsan2897Kangwon4 hours
Chiaksan4226Kangwon4 hours
Bangtaesan4738Kangwon4 hours
Soraksan5604Kangwon4 hours
Kariwangsan5121Kangwon4 hours
Obongsan2556Kangwon3 hours
Samaksan2146Kangwon2 hours
Karisan3448Kangwon3 hours
Taebaiksan5141Kangwon3 hours
Odaesan5128Kangwon3 hours
Gongjaksan2910Kangwon3 hours
Palbongsan991Kangwon3 hours
Kyebangsan5174Kangwon3 hours
Yonghwasan2881Kangwon3 hours
Doraksan3163Chungbuk3 hours
Minjujisan4075Chungbuk3 hours
Chuntaesan2346Chungbuk3 hours
Gumsoosan3333Chungbuk3 hours
Wolaksan3589Chungbuk3 hours
Sedaesan2966Chungbuk3 hours
Daedoonsan2881Chungbuk3 hours
Duksungsan1624Chungbuk3 hours
Chilkabsan1841Chungbuk3 hours
Senwoonsan1102Jeonbuk3 hours
Moaksan2605Jeonbuk3 hours
Jirisan6283Jeonbuk3 hours
Jeoksangsan3392Jeonbuk3 hours
Dukyoosan5295Jeonbuk3 hours
Byunsan1667Jeonbuk3 hours
Kangchunsan1916Jeonbuk3 hours
Baikamsan2431Jeonbuk3 hours
Jangansan4058Jeonbuk3 hours
Naejangsan2503Jeonbuk3 hours
Mysan2251Jeonbuk3 hours
Woonjangsan3694Jeonbuk3 hours
Palyoungsan1998Jeonam4 hours
Baikwoonsan3996Jeonam4 hours
Chuwolsan2398Jeonam4 hours
Chogyesan2900Jeonam4 hours
Wonchulsan2654Jeonam4 hours
Bangjangsan2438Jeonam4 hours
Chungwansan2372Jeonam4 hours
Dooryunsan2306Jeonam4 hours
Kitdaebong1207JeonamMore than 1 day
Namsan1535Kyungbuk4 hours
Gumosan3205Kyungbuk4 hours
Hwangaksan3645Kyungbuk4 hours
Heeyangsan3278Kyungbuk4 hours
Juheulsan3629Kyungbuk4 hours
Daeyasan3054Kyungbuk4 hours
Hwangjangsan3533Kyungbuk4 hours
Chungryangsan2854Kyungbuk4 hours
Sokrisan3468Kyungbuk4 hours
Gunyungsan2877Kyungbuk4 hours
Naeyonsan2329Kyungbuk4 hours
Sobaiksan4721Kyungbuk4 hours
Sunginbong3228KyungbukMore than 1 day
Woonmoonsan3898Kyungbuk4 hours
Juwangsan2365Kyungbuk4 hours
Palgongsan3914Kyungbuk4 hours
Gumsan2234Kyungnam4 hours
Moohaksan2497Kyungnam4 hours
Jaeyaksan3901Kyungnam4 hours
Chunsungsan3025Kyungnam4 hours
Yeonhwasan1732Kyungnam4 hours
Hwawangsan2484Kyungnam4 hours
Jirisan1306Kyungnam6 hours
Miruksan1512Kyungnam4 hours
Hwangsuksan3904Kyungnam4 hours
Wangmaesan3635Kyungnam4 hours
Kayasan4692Kyungnam4 hours
Halasan6398JejuMore than 1 day