Bukhansan - From Bukhansanseong to Baekwundae Trail

Hiking Bukhansan(Mt. Bukhan)
    from Bukhansanseong Park Info Center to Baekwundae(PeaK)

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  Summer was hot and is getting hotter every year. And hiking is one of the best way to get away from the heat.

  Buk-han-san (Please don't confuse with North Korea. North Korea also called   Buk-han) has many peaks and the highest peak is Baek-Wun-Dae(means a platform covered by white cloud).

  To get Baekwundae peak, one of the best way is to start at Buk-han-san-seong Park Info center. It will take 2~3 hours (depends on your condition) to get there and the distance is about 4 km from the starting point. Total hiking time will be 6 hours approximately.

  For other trail course of Bukhansan, please read my previous blog at http://hiking-korea.blogspot.kr/2013/06/bukhansan-bukhan-mountain-uisangbong.html

  Parking my car at the parking lot, we started our hiking. After passing the paved road, easy and gentle trail course welcomed us. There were some restaurants and shops in the past, but the Park Management Corporation made them move out to outside of park. Now it is very clean.

One of good things of hiking Bukhansan is you can enjoy this beautiful valley and stream during hiking. You can't put your foot into the water though.  

This valley is protected by some fences. If not, you will see lots of people in the water. We need to preserve this valley because it doesn't belong to us.   

The trail course is kind of poetic or you may want to sing with small sound. 

On the way, you can see No-Jeok-Bong over the ridge. NoJeokbong is on the way to Baekwundae. 

I found a cockscomb.  It is little hard to find it in city.

After passing Bukhandong, the main trail course started. From here, the real trail course has begun. The incline is not so serous but it goes long.  

Around  1:30 hours walking, we reached  a fork where leads to Won-hyo-bong and Baekundae. Left is to Wonhyobong and straight is to Baekundae.

There was a fountain on the way, but no more water and even there is, you can't drink it.  

Nojeokbong is getting closer.  

Bukhansan has lots of this kind of holders and you need to bring gloves if you don't want stains on your palms. 

 Yak-sun-sam(means fountain rock). There was a fountain on the hole but no more. Korean believes the water from this kind of fountain can cure some disease.

Last stone steps before the gate. I will take you about 2 hours to get here.  

The Baekwunbongammun is located between the Baekwundae and the Man-Kyeong-dae(peak, 799.5m) on Buhansan. It was built on the highest spot among the fortress gates of the Bukhansanseong. It has been called "Wie-mun" since the Japanese colonial era. It is one of secret gates which was build with the walls of the Bukhansanseong in 1711 during the reign of King Sukjong. This secret gate was used to move weapons, munitions and injured soldiers during emergencies. It was an emergency exit, but also it was installed on a hill or a mountain ridge which was easily accessible by enemies in order to protect the mountain fortress from them.

After passing the gate, the way to the top begins  

You can easily find this kind of rock and pine trees in mountains in Korea.  

On the way to the top, In-su-bong is watching us through the cloud. 

The top, Baekwundae. A giant rock.

It looks like a sky walk, expecting heaven over there. 


Beneath the Baekwundae, Yeom-cho-bong is protecting Baekwundae. There was a trail course through Yeomchobong, but not any more. It was too dangerous and many people died in the past.

Insubong. But without rock climbing gear, nobody can climbing up this rock.  

On the way to other gate, I took the whole picture of Baekwundae.  

The trail route is very gentle and easy. And many cicadas are singing summer.

Once cicadas vanished, this forest will be full of singing of crickets.
Autumn is coming.  

 Another secret gate, Yong-am-mun.

Government is now recovering the castle wall.
That's why some stone looks very brand new.  

Near to the Yongammun. There is a shelter. 
I used to take a rest here and got some food.  

Time to get down.  

The way to down is very nice.
You can enjoy gentle breeze, cicadas' singing and smell of forest.  

At the started point, looking over the top, I thanks to the nature.


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