Bukhansan - From Hidden Wall trail - Bukhansanseong trail to Uisangbong trail

Bukhansan (Seoul, South Korea)
 From Hidden Wall trail - Bukhansanseong trail to Uisangbong trail
Difficulty : ★★★★
Distance : 15 Km
Time : 9 ~ 10 hours

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Hidden Wall Ridge(Sum-Eun-Byeok) trail
Because not many people take the Hidden Wall Ridge(Sum-Eun-Byeok Ridge) to get the highest peak, Baek-Wun-Dae, this trail is rather quieter than other trail. The name of the Hidden Wall(Sum-Eun-Byeok) is because it locates behind of Baekwundae. It looks like the neck of Baekwundae. If you take this trail, you will enjoy the back side of Baewundae, Insubong, as well as some thrilled rocky trail. Furthermore, you can see Dobongsan on this trail all the time.

Bukhansanseong Wall (Fortress wall) trail
From Yong-am Mun to Mun-su-bong, the ancient fortress wall has recovered by government and you can walk along this wall. It is rather easy trail than others. You will also meet lots of people on this trail. The best of this trail is you will see Seoul area all the time while you are on the trail.

Uisangbong Trail
Uisangbong trail is most difficult trail in Bukhansan. Uisangbong trail required to hit 7 peaks. As this trail has lots of iron rope to climb up or down to the peak, it required enough stamina as well as needs enough water because there’s no fountain on this trail. During this trail, Baekwundae, Man-Kyeong-Dae, No-Jeok-Bong, Insubong will bless you. If you want to enjoy the entire scene of Bukhansan, this trail is for you.

Map of Bukhansan

 We start hiking early in the morning. The morning glow is so beautiful.
 This the starting point. It called Sa-gi-mak-gol where used to make ceramic ports.
You get here 5 min walk from the starting point. And turn right.  
Walking along the fence, you will meet this milepost then pick the left.  
 The passage is very gentle.
And the forest is getting warm by sunshine.  
 At some point, you can see Ilsan, Gimpo and even the west sea.
When you get off from the forest, Insubong, Hidden Wall and Baekwundae will greeting you.  
 2.7 km to Baewundae.
After the half point, the trail is becoming little tough.
 But not always tough.
When you on the ridge, you will see Dobongsan - the other part of Bukhansan National park.  
Insubong, Hidden Wall and Baewundae are coming closer.  
This is the top of "Skull Rock (Hae-gol-Ba-wi)". Why Skull? 
Here you are. It looks like a skull.  
After passing the skull rock, the trail gives you more fun.  
On the rocky ridge. 
This is Hidden Wall (Sum-Eun-Byeok). The left is Insubong and the right is Baekwundae(Top).
 If you are rock climber, you can go up.
But if not.... 
There a way to get around! Very narrow pass.  
You need to pass like this.
Need diet?
After passing the narrow pass, the trail is going down for a while.  
 Them you will see this milepost. 1.3 km to the top(Baekwundae).
 From here, the trail is getting tougher. It is stony slope.
It is not always hard.
You can take a rest here drinking the natural mineral water.  
 If you meet this stair way, the stony slope is over.
Passing another narrow pass again.  
Follow the milepost. The trail here will make you little confuse.
When you meet a fork, take right always!
Now lovely Seoul opens for you.
On the way to the BaekWunDae, you will see ManKyeongDae and NoJeokBong.
Over the UiSangBong Trail, you can see another part of Seoul and Han river.   
 What a fantastic view!
 Here you are! The top, BaekWunDae.
 Over the InSuBong, you can see the DoBongSan and some part of Seoul.
The mountain in the middle is SuRakSan.
On the top, we measures how far the UiSangBong trail.
The middle ridge from left to right is UiSangBong trail.
 The weather is so fine.
The small mountain in the center is NamSan.
And the tiny small tower is N Tower near to Hyatt hotel.
This the trail we have taken. Hidden Wall trail.
From the village in the middle to the valley and to the rocky slope.  
 Many people is enjoying the view on the top.
 And many people is climbing up to enjoy the view.
 The face of BaekWunDae.
And NoJeokBong. You can't go up there now.  
The BukHanSanSeong trail is nice and easy.
 And the trail route leads you to fortress wall.
 Korean government recovered the fortress wall and you can walk through this wall on the BukHanSanSeong trail.
There is also a shelter where you can take a rest and eat some food.
A fortress gate, named DaeDongMun.
If you pass the gate, you can go down to Uidong.  
 Keeping on walking along the wall.
On the way, you will see the KalBaWi(Knife shape rock).  
 And Seoul too.
The NamSan and the tower are closer.
It is the center of Seoul.  
 MuSuBong looks beautiful with clear sky.
 Checking the UiSangBong ridge, it looks tough and it is tough course actually.
 On the UiSangBong trail, you will see the top, BaekWunDae and other peaks all the time.
This is the BukHanSan!
 The trail with the old fortress wall.
The giant  NaWolBong is waiting our touch.
Enjoy UiSangBong trail!
At last! We made it!! 
10 hours on the trail!
Before go down, we watch beautiful peaks not to forget.
The last part is tough.
 And if you have enough time, it is also nice to watch sun set here.

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