Trails in Seoraksan

There are so many trails in Seoraksan depends on where you want to hike. However, I would like to introduce you those typical trails which most people has taken. 

Most of trails are good for one day hiking from Seoul. Yes, it is possible if only when you drive. If you take a bus or train from Seoul, then it is not possible. 

Then how? Here's the tip. 

Start from Seoul at least 3 AM in the morning and get Sokcho by 6 AM. After watching sunrise on the sea shore and go to the Seoraksan national park. Then hike and back to Seoul. Easy. For more informaiton -> Click

If you like to visit Seoraksan with a professional guide(its me), with my sedan from Seoul, please send me an email,

Anyway, here's typical trails in Seoraksan which you can finish in a day. The time includes some time for rest. 

A. OSaek -DaeCheongBong(peak)-YangPok-BiSunDae-SoGongWon


OSaek-(5.0km/4:00)-DaeCheongBong-(0.6km/0:20)-JungCheong Shelter-(0.6km/0:20)-SoCheong-(1.7km/2:00)-HeeWunGak Shelter-(2.0 km/1:30)-YangPok-(3.5 km/2:20)-BiSeonDae(3.0km/0:50)-SoGongWon

Total 16.4km(10.2 miles), 11:20 hours. 

- This is the most popular trail. 
- It will take more time if you start from SoGongwon.
- You will enjoy the most beautiful part of Seorakan, CheonBulDong(A Thousand Buddha) valley.   

B. OSaek -DaeCheongBong(peak)-BongJeongAm(Temple)-BaeDamSa(Temple)


OSaek-(5.0km/4:00)-DaeCheongBong-(0.6km/0:20)-JungCheong Shelter-(1.0km/0:40)-SoCheong Shelter-(0.7km/0:40)-BongJeongAm(Temple)-(5.9 km/3:30)-SuRyeomDong Shelter-(1.2 km/0:20)-YoungSiAm(Temple)-(1.2km/0:20)-BaekDamSa(Temple)

Total 17.9km(11.1 miles), 11:00 hours. 

- This is longer than trail A but easier if you are heading to BaekDamSa.
- You will enjoy the beauty of GuGokDam valley and YongA-JangSeong(Dragon Tooth ridge)
-There's a free lunch at BongJeongAm if you get there by 11:30 AM. 
-There's shuttle to the entrance of Park from BaekDamSa.
- You may not finish the hiking in a day if you start from BaekDamSa.

C.  OSaek -DaeCheongBong(peak)-HeeWunGak Shelter-GongRyong Ridge-BiSunDae-SoGongWon


OSaek-(5.0km/4:00)-DaeCheongBong-(0.6km/0:20)-JungCheong Shelter-(0.6km/0:20)-SoCheong-(1.7km/2:00)-HeeWunGak Shelter-(5.1 km/5:20)-MaDeungRyeong-(3.5 km/3:30)-BiSeonDae(3.0km/0:50)-SoGongWon

Total 19.5km(12.1 miles), 16:00 hours. 

- This is the most difficult trail in Seoraksan.
- But you will enjoy the entire beauty of Seoraksan.

D.  HanGyeRyeong- JungCheong Shelter-DaeCheongBong-OSaek


HanGyeRyeong-(2.3km/2:30)-HanGyeRyeong fork-(5.4km/3:10)-JungCheong Shelter-(0.6km/0:20)-DaeCheongBong(peak)-(5.0km/4:00)-OSaek

Total 11.3km(7.0 miles), 10:00 hours. 

- You will enjoy the walking through SeoBuk Ridge of Seoraksan. 
- You can visit KeutCheong peak on the way to the top.

E.  HanGyeRyeong- DaeSeungRyeong-SibiSeonNyeTang


HanGyeRyeong-(2.3km/2:30)-HanGyeRyeong fork-(6.7km/4:00)-DaeSeungRyeong-(4.4km/2:20)-BokSungATang-(4.2km/2:50)-NamGyoRi

Total 14.4km(8.9 miles), 11:40 hours. 

- You can visit GwiTaeGiCheongBong where locates the west part of Seoraksan.
- SibiSeonNyeTang(12 Angels Bathtub) is very beautiful. 
- There's no water supply on the ridge so you need to bring more than 2 litters of water. 

F.  JangSuDae- NamGyoRi



Total 11.3km(7.02 miles), 7:30 hours

- You will enjoy DaeSeung waterfall which is the one of best 3 waterfalls in Korea.  
- SibiSeonNyeTang(12 Angels Bathtub) is very beautiful. 

G. OSaek -DaeCheongBong(peak)-BongJeongAm(Temple)- OSeAm- BaeDamSa(Temple)


OSaek-(5.0km/4:00)-DaeCheongBong-(0.6km/0:20)-JungCheong Shelter-(1.0km/0:40)-SoCheong Shelter-(0.7km/0:40)-BongJeongAm(Temple)-(4.0 km/3:00)-OSeAm(Temple)-(2.5 km/1:20)-YoungSiAm(Temple)-(1.2km/0:20)-BaekDamSa(Temple)

Total 17.3km(11.0 miles), 11:30 hours. 

-There's a free lunch at BongJeongAm if you get there by 11:30 AM. 
-Yon can enjoy GongRyong Ridge and YongA Ridge. 

G. GongRyong Ridge 


SoGongWon-(3.0km/0:50)-BiSeonDae-(3.5km/3:10)-MaDeungRyeong-(5.1 km/5:20)-HeeWunGak Shelter-(2.0 km/1:30)-YangPok-(3.5 km/2:20)-BiSeonDae(3.0km/0:50)-SoGongWon

Total 20.1km(12.3 miles), 15:00 hours. 

- This is the most difficult trail but most beautiful. 

H. SoGongWon - BaekDamSa


SoGongWon-(3.0km/0:50)-BiSeonDae-(3.5km/3:10)-MaDeungRyeong-(1.4 km/1:30)-OSeAm(Temple)-(2.5 km/1:20)-YoungSiAm(Temple)-(1.2km/0:20)-BaekDamSa(Temple)

Total 13.9km(12.3 miles), 09:10 hours. 

- People usually take this trail when DaeSheongBong is not available. 

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