Geumsusan (Mountain Geumsu) - Jecheon, Chungbuk, Korea

Geumsusan (1,015M) belongs to Woraksan national park and located to the north part of Woraksan. Its name is same as Gemsusan Palace of North Korea, some people may have some confusion.
Geumsusan's original name was Minyebong (means beautiful girl) because its shape looks like a girl on the bed. When, our famous scholar in Joseon Dynansty, Hwang Lee became a governor of this province, he called this mountain as Geumsusan. It means "very beautiful". This mountain keeps tons of azalea, acacia, maple tree and huge rocks. Imagine the pink azalea and sweet smell of acacia in May as well as red leaves of maple tree in Autumn. It's really beautiful mountain.
Also, this mountain has a waterfall named Yondam where people visit and takes water on their shoulder.

It will take 2 hours driving from Seoul and hiking takes 6~7 hours for round trip.

The trail route of Geumsusan.

At the beginning of the trail, you can find the typical old house in Korea.

There is a small temple in front of foggy mountain.
The fog hided the top.

The trail leads us to the beautiful morning in summer.

Somebody from the temple build a stone tower.

The tower leading you to the heaven and to the mother nature.

Fog is still hiding the mountain.

There are also a pretty house.

Yongdam waterfall.

It is not strange to find a stone tower in the mountains of Korea.

At some height, you can see the whole picture of the village where you started.  

To the Mangdeokbong, the trail route continues to the heavy rocks.

The whole picture of  Yongdam Waterfall.

Now you can see the top of Geumsusan.

On the top of the waterfall, there are three ponds which are the foot print of a dragon.

There are milestone in every 500m.

A huge rock made a cliff and there's trees on the cliff.

The trail route is very rocky and it is easy to get lost.
But don't worry, it is also easy to find the way.

A rock of eagle shape. But it looks like a dog.

The national park build stairway at the cliff for easy going up.

Now it looks like an eagle.

Another milestone, that means you walked 500M.

Summer forest and breeze will make your way easier.

Now, you can see Geumsusan clearer.

After these 137 steps, you can reach to Mangdeokbong, the first target.

Mangdeokbong peak.

After taking a rest, let's go to Geumsusan, the final target.

Geumsusan is not so far.

Though there's a tough trail, you can get over.

Then you can see to peak again.

Finally, you made it. The Geumsusan (1,015m).

You can see the whole picture of Geumsusan and Mangdeokbong.

Way down is very steep.
Most of the trail consists with rocks.

However, you can meet the gentle and nice trail sometimes.

The steep trail starts again.

There's a warning sign about the heart attack.

I wished no trouble to everybody in this hiking.

Almost done. The road is getting better and easy.

A plant settled on the flat rock. It looks like to satisfy its settlement.
But, is this rock really safe to it?
I think our lives are same. Something you feel safe is not always safe.

And life is going on....

The fog in the morning has gone and it shows clear sky and mountain.

The mountain is waving its hand for goodbye.

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