Hwaaksan (Hwaak mountain)

  Hwaaksan(1498m) is the highest mountain in Gyeonggi-Do in Korea, also 9th highest mountain in South Korea. Though it takes 1:30 hour to get the entrance of this mountain from the busy Seoul, it is not known well by people. So it keeps its mystique and charm.

  Let's go there!

We took the trail highlighted by arrows.  

The village is calm in early morning. It looks fairies are stying in this village.
It needs to cross the stream to go to the mountain.
There are many of stream crossing point at this route.

The water is so clean, and expecting children in summer.  

The peak appears like a shy girl, and you can not see her until you get there.

 A hill is preparing itself watching water mirror.

 The main trail starting point.
 A small path in the forest begins.
The forest in the morning is very busy.
Every life has waken and preparing their day.

Trees and glasses are so dense, the road allows only one person.

 Rocky stream blocks our way, but this is the part of  trail.

A bleeding heart(lyre flower) has waken up, and greeting us.

The narrow path again. It is good for meditation.  

 Crossing stream again...

 We could find the first signpost. It left 3.8km to the top.

The path is getting wider and the mountain is throwing  welcome flowers

 This flower of glabrata. The smell is so sweet.

Somebody made a resting bench. Taking a rest properly is most important in summer hiking. 

Hwaaksan is a high mountain, but the path is very gentle and lovely.  

We walked 1 km again. 

We walk very gentle not to wake a mountain magnolia.

There's  a mess by wild pigs. But we couldn't find any of them.

As Hwaaksan has high peak, it also has deep forest and valley as well.

We never have seen this kind of mushroom. Beautiful. 

 We arrived at the last resting place. It will not take long to get the chine.

What a wonderful summer forest! 

 At last, we arrived at the chine.

 There are few big rocks in this mountain.

If you go around this rock... 

You can see the peak (Jungbong) 

And Seokryongsan and its valley,,, 

And the top of Hwaaksan. 

The train past became gentle and no more spider web. 

Instead, royal azaleas are welcoming us.  

 Over the hill, Myeongjosan is dimly visible.
At last, our target, Jungbong.  

 You can see Aegibong which is leading us to home.

The down trail is very tough and needed be very careful step. 

We returned to the trail we have taken in the morning.

This mountain is throwing flowers again. Come back....  

 Myeongjisan is smiling in front of us.
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