Ullengdo (Ulleung island) - Kyungbuk, Korea

Ulleungdo locates in East sea. It takes 2:30 hours boat riding from Gangneung city. It also takes full 2 days trip from Seoul. Ullengdo is a volcanic island and it looks like Kauai in Hawaii. It really does but smaller.
Ulleungdo was an independent countrry until the year of 513 under the name of Usanguk. But Silla dynasty conquered this county and named it as Ulleungdo.
There are several ports where boats leave for Ulleungdo. They are Pohang, Hupo, Mukho and Gangeung. But most convinient port from Seoul is Gangeung.
Are you ready to enjoy the beauty of Ulleungdo?
 Map of Ulleungdo

Chotdaeam(Candlestick rock). It has a story.
Once upon a time, A girl was waiting for her father who went to the sea for finshing. But her father never returned. The sad girl turned to this rock finally protecing fishermen.

Jeodong port. The left small peak is the highest peak in Ulleungdo.

 Fishing boats for the squid.
The squid is the biggest product in Ulleungdo.
The grawfish shelter rock (Gajaegul rock) 
This is a good point for scuba diving

 Turtle rock.
The cliff made by lava.
This area belongs to 10 most beautiful place in Korea.

One of 3 gods rock.  

 Dodong port. This is the main port in Ulleungdo.

The ancient house 

What a color of the sea!

Watching Jeodong port from Naesujeon view point,
I feel how the nature and the people in it are so great.

Ulleungdo is the country of Squid. The dried squid from here is very famous in Korea.

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  1. Hi! I am planning to visit Ulleungdo Island around June 29. I do not speak Korean, and I am looking for a personal tour guide for a couple of days to explore the island. Would you be available around that time? Please let me know, as this is the top place that I want to visit during my 2-week vacation in Korea! Thank you!