Yonghwasan (Yonghwa mountain) - Chuncheon, Korea

  Chuncheon has many beautiful mountains and one of them is Yonghwasan (875m). It locates to the east of Chuncheon lake. The name Yonghwa originates from the fighting between a snake and a centipede. The snake won this fighting and it turned to a dragon and went up to the sky. Yonghwa means "change to dragon".
  Yonghwasan area was a capital of Mac Dynasty which existed in the ancient history. Yonghwasan has many giant rocks and all of them has different shape. So they are beautiful.  It takes around 5 hours to go up and down through the shortest trail.

The shortest trail. 

Hiking begins on a very sunny late spring.
Parking here, tied the hiking shoes and starts. 

Spring has already gone. It was little hot but the breeze is blowing my sweat.
The target today stood far waiving welcome hand.

Getting closer to the peak, the more breeze is touching my body.  

The reed on the side of the path has already bloomed.
I can't help waiting for the coming autumn. It will be more beautiful in autumn.

After some walking, we arrived at the front of a big rock.
This area used to occupied by military operation.

After the rock, the trail covered by very comfortable green roof.
I wonder how so many life begins again at once in spring.

On the way to the top, we found a sign board which is pointing the way to the top.
But we went straight. This route is more tough than we taken.

Yonghwasan has lots of stream.
So the trail crosses  the stream many times.

Oh, there's a notice stating it is 1.5km left to the top.
So glad to see it.

Getting through the green tunnel, the top is showing its face over the hill.

After some struggling with the trail, we reached a fork which is asking which way do you like to take.
Left or right? Suddenly, a poem of Robert Frost came into my mind, The road not taken.  
No like the poem,  it didn't make any difference in this case. Either way leads to the top.

The trail is getting tough but not that long.  

 A fork of the top and other way.
And the view has started.

What a life! A beautiful pine tree on the rock is the compensation of our hiking.
There are many of this kind of pine trees in this mountain in fact.

The rock named "SKY WALL" is looking down to the village. People in the village visits here regularly and prays for their harvest in the past.  

The trail is getting little tougher, but just for few distance.

What does it look like? Elephant?
Some people found a squid and a fish too.

If you stand here, you may not want to back home. It was really beautiful early summer.  

It looks the trail leads to the secret garden.

Top of the mountain. There are big and flat space near this tower.
You can take a rest and eat there.
The rock named "knife". It doesn't look like a knife.
Actually, Korean called sharp rocks as knife rocks, and they are everywhere. 

If you go straight, you can go to Obongsan.
We turned right.  

Way back to the starting point is very tough and steep incline.

There's a rope way at some point.
Mountains in Kangwon are enjoying the early summer.

The water in the stream is very clean and cool.

Back to the starting point, we looked over the mountain again.
The mountain is saying "come back again, don't make me lonely."

If you like to visit Yonghwasan with a professional guide, pleas don't hesitate to contact me.



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