Gwanaksan (Gwanak mountain) - Seoul, Korea

Gwanaksan (629m) is one of most popular mountain in Korea. It is not so high, not take a long time to go up and down, easy to access from the subway, and, most of all, it is very beautiful mountain. Lots of people hikes this mountain in every season, so you don't worry about the lost or wrong trail. There are many access points to Gwanaksan but four points are most popular, starting from Anayng sport stadium, Gwacheon subway station, Seoul national university and Sadang subway station.

This story begins at Anyang sport stadium. To go to Anayang stadium point, you need to take a bus or taxi, no subway.

This is my favorite restaurant. They serve local vegetable food.

A fountain. People loves to get water from here.

 The trail starts with gentle path and autumn leaves.

Gwanaksan is also a typical granitic mountain as most mountains in Korea are.
Thus, the trail is not boring.

You can easily find a sole hiker in this mountain. "Hello!"

At some height, you can see one of the peak in Gwanaksan is smiling under autumn sky.

The reed is missing graceful water in the valley, so it looks lonely.

You can't easily find the trail sometimes due to the rock. But don't worry, just go up! 

 Then the mountain gives you a beautiful present.

Whenever I see this view, I feel very comfortable and relaxed. 

The first target is ahead, the peak of national flag(Gukkibong).  

Sitting down on the rock, I look down my path which I taken.
The faint buildings over the ridge are in Anyang city.

The peak of national flag. It has 5 peaks which has the national flag on the top. 
There is some people who tracks those peaks.

 The second national flag peak I passed.

The temple "Yeonjuam". This temple provide a free meal if you get there on time, noon.

The top of Gwanaksan. The tower and dome are for weather checking and TV broadcasting.  
For those people who work here, there is a cable car from Gwacheon, but not allowed to the hiker.

Junction to Gwacheon and Seoul national university. There also some bad people who sell some alcohol and food. It is prohibited by law anyway.

Yeonjudae. This is very small temple but what the location!


The roof of Gwanaksan we can go up.
The real top occupied by the tower. This is one giant piece of granite.

The opposite side of the peak is very dangerous.  

 Also there's always heavy traffic.

Passing through the tunnel like path, the final destination is so far.

Finishing the trail, I look over the mountain again.
It is gleaming like my faint memory.

Gwanaksan in other seasons.

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