Palbongsan (Mt. Palbong) - Hongcheon, Korea

Palbongsan (Mt. Palbong) - Small Giant in Hongcheon, Korea

Though it’s height is just 327m, Palbongsan (Mt. Palbong) has lots of interesting place. First it surrounded by Hongcheon river, so you can swim, fishing and camping. Second, it has 8 peaks (Palbong means “8 peaks”) and all of them are very tough to climb up. They are all big rocks. But don’t worry about the rock climbing as there are steps and ropes at every necessary point.
Also all peaks are so beautiful and the view from the top is fantastic. It will take 3 hours approximately to go up and down to conquer every peak. 

Palbongsan belongs to Hongcheon, Kangwondo and it takes 2 hours driving to north from Seoul.

Entrance of Palbongsan.

Before start, look out the first peak of Palbongsan.

It starts with very gentle and full of green trail.


After some sweating, you will meet the huge rock to go up to the first peak.

Watching somebody's climbing, thinking it looks dangerous. But it is not dangerous at all. Rather fun.

The first peak.
Palbongsan has lots of beautiful pine tree as well as rocks.

Taking a breath for a while, watching the second peak. Looks like nothing but it is something.


All dangerous place has this kind of steps and holders.


The second peak begins with this kind of way. Fun!

The first peak from the second peak


The second peak. This peak is highest peak of Palbongsan.

Watching the third peak from the 2nd peak.

There's a shrine named Sambuindang(3 ladies room) at the 2nd peak. Those 3 lady gods are Mrs. Lee(Mrs. Hong's Mother-in-law), Mrs. Kim(Mother-in-law's daughter) and Mrs. Hong herself. Mrs. Lee was very gentle and warm hearted, and Mrs. Kim was even better than her mother but Mrs. Hong was bad lady.
Every 15-Mar(Lunar calendar), people who lives in the village near to Palbongsan visit hear and pray for  a rich year to those lady gods. There's no problem if Mrs. Lee or Mrs. Kim response to the pray, but if Mrs. Hong response to the pray, it becomes a bad year, people believe.


To the 3 peak.

It is crowed on the 3rd peak.

From the 3rd to the 4th peak, there's an option to go up to the 4th peak, just to the 4th peak or pass to the Delivery(confinement) cave.

The delivery cave is very narrow and the hole is very small. This cave is most popular in this mountain. You need to wait around 30~60 minutes on the weekend.  
So you can't pass through with your back pack on your back.

To give yourself a birth again here, there's two ways. The one is the natural delivery which is the passing through without somebodies help. The other requires somebodies help to pass and it calls a cesarean. There also says that the more pass give the more life.

After you get the another birthday, the 4th peak is waiting for you.

The 5th peak.

The 6th peak.

Watching the 2nd peak from the 6th peak.

Hongcheon river flows to Han river carrying the spring sun light and hope.

The 7th peak.

Between the 7th peak and the last peak, there was a fire and some trees were burned.

Wishing not to happen the fire again, I put my heart onto the stone tower.

The 8th peak appears with dignity.

At last, the last peak. The 8th peak.

Once down completely, the Honcheon river welcomes you. 


Palbongsan looks like very small but it hides dignity, fun and thrill.

Worth to visit near to Palbongsan
Gangchon Bungee Jump center
Moonbae village for the local food.
Gangchon rail bike.

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