Samaksan - Beautiful lake and river

Samaksan (654M)

Samaksan locates in Chuncheon city, Korea and takes 1:30 hour from Seoul. It has 3 peaks and the highest one is Yonghwabong. Also there’s old castle wall built by Mac dynasty in 8 century. This mountain surrounded by the lake and river. The lake named Uiam means the laundry place of Mac soldiers.
Most popular trail is starting Uiam to Deungsun fall or vice versa. From Uiam to Yongwhabong, the trail is very steep incline and rocky but shorter distance than from Deungsun Fall. On the other hand, From Deungsun Fall to Yonghwabong is very comfortable to hike with beautiful falls.

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Samaksan looks like very gentle and not so high.
But the top is hiding behind the front peak.

Samaksan surrounded by Uiam lake and Bukhan river.
So it provide all pleasure that the nature can do.

This is the entrance of Samaksan.
The inclination is tough from the beginning.

After short walking, Uiam lake and dam gives a cool view.

North part of Uiam lake.
Though the weather was not good at this moment,
it is very still and calm.

Korean mountain has lots of rose bay in the spring.
It looks like waiting for somebody.

Getting higher, getting wider.

After 10 mins from the beginning, Sangwonsa(Buddhist temple) has shown.
This temple is very small and has only two building,
but the view is so great. It is very good place for meditation.

Leaving Sanngwon temple to the top.

After Sangwonsa, the trail is getting very tough.

Struggling with the tough trail,
arrived the hill pass named Kaltakgogae.
It means everyone one become breathless.

And it means another tough trail is waiting.

But no worry.  Every dangerous pass has some safe rope.

0.48 KM left to the top. Almost done!

On the way to the top, there's a tower of wishes.
I put my wish too.
In fact, every mountain in Korea has same towers by the people.

On the ridge, now you can see the peak of Samaksan, Yonghwabong.

At last, arrived at the peak of Samaksan , Yonghwabong.

On the way to the Deungsun Fall,
the Deungsunbong(another peak of Samaksan) stood with proud.

 Heungkuksa(Buddhist temple).
In 9 century here, Goongye fought againt Wanggun who is the founder of Koryo dinasty.

After Heungkuksa, the fall starts.
Spring cast its curtain on the pass.

Sunlight twinkles on the rose bay.

Wind blows to the pass of the spring.

The beautiful waterfall makes very colored pond.

Samaksan is not so high and looks like very gentle. But it has many waterfalls, rocky trails and surrounded by river and lake. It tooks 3~4 hours walking if you just visit Yongwhabong. After you finish the hiking, you can also visit;

Chuncheon city for local food and Soyang lake and dam(Biggest dam in Korea)
Uiam Lake and Dam
Kangchon for Railbike.



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