Dobobgsan or Dobong Mountain- Most popular hiking place in Korea

Dobongsan (739.5m/2,426 ft) Mountain

   In Seoul, there's a national park named Bukhansan and it has 2 mountains. The one is Bukhansan itself and the other is Dobongsan. Dobongsan is a rocky mountain as many of Korea mountains are. This mountain has approximately 340 trails. So you can pick any one according to your condition and time.
   Also Dobongsan locates in very convenient place so you can take a taxi, subway or bus to get there. Most popular train route is following its ridges.
  I started hiking from Songchu office of the national park. It is mid-spring and trees are not green enough.
  Do yo like this mountain? Send me an email. I can bring and guide you to this mountain.

In spring, the famous messenger for Spring is the rose bay.
Every mountains in Korea has the pink rose bay. They are gleaming with the noon light.

Cherry Blossoms are still not done yet.

Hills are starting covered by green and baby leaves.

Waters from the top is clean and reflects the shadow of the hill and
Cherry Blossoms.

After walking 10 mins on the road, the real trail route started.

Valley is calm and still. Water and air are clean.
It's beautiful spring afternoon.

A beautiful rose bay blossom is watching the stream.

To the Sapae ridge, the trail route is very  gentle
And the sunshine makes winter shadow.

On the top of Sapae ridge,
you can see the Sapaesan(Sapae mountain).

Dobongsan has lots of beautiful rocks.

Peaks and ridges in Dobongsan.

Looking down the Uijungbu City on the ridge.

Also Suraksan holds the shadow of cloud.

A post for watching firing.
This ridge called Podae ridge. Podae means antiaircraft guns base but no more.

You can see the peak of Dobongsan.

On the way to the peak, the rose bay in hanging on the cliff.

 To go to the peak, you need to climb down and up through this iron rope.

Finale! After this rock, you can go to the top.

Left is the highest peak in Dobobong mountain, Manjangbong.
But you can't be there without rock climbing gears.
Instead, you can go up to the right peak named Bisundae.

Yellow violet is greeting.

Dobongsan has some waterfalls.
This is Songchu waterfall.

Obong. That means five rock peaks.

Took Obong from different angle.

Dobongsan is beautiful in every season. It takes 3~7 hours to finish depends on the trail.
Also there's so many people is here on weekend.

If you like to visit this mountain with your personal guide, please email me. I can pick you up from your location.

Looking forward to meet you.


  1. Really beautiful photos! I don't live too far from this mountain and can't wait to hike it in the spring!