Seoraksan (Mt. Seorak) - From Jangsudae to Namkyori

No one can easily deny that Seoraksan (Seorak mountain) is most beautiful mountain in South Korea. The highest peak of Seoraksan is Daecheongbong (5,604 ft). But most of trails in Seoraksan takes 2 days hiking usually so it is not easy to visit for those who has only one day available. But don't worry about that. One of trails has longest waterfall in Korea , beautiful autumn leaves and beautiful valley in every season.  The trail course starts from Jangsudae where locates at the south part of Seoraksan and ends at Namkyori where locates at the west part Seoraksan. It takes around 6~7 hours trekking.
The trail is
Jangsudae - Daeseung waterfall - Daeseungryung(ridge) - Sibiseonnyetang(Twelve angel's bathtub) - Namkyori.

We started at 7 AM from Jansudae.
Jangsudae means the Soldier's place.  After Korean war, one of general who based here built a shelter and named it Jangsudae to memorize those soldiers who died during Korean war.

In the autumn morning, the path to Hankyeryung  is very calm and beautiful.

Namsorak doesn't wake up yet.

Seoraksan is a national park, so there's lots of bridges and steps at every dangerous place.  

Daeseung waterfall. There's no water because of no rain.
Daeseung means a guy's name who had lived near to here. The height is 88M and it locates 800M above sea level. It is most beautiful waterfall in South Korea so King Kyungsun of Silla Dynasty usually visited here in summer.

After passing the waterfall, the autumn leaves starts.  

Daeseungryung (1210m). If you take right trail, then you can go to Seobukreung and take left then go to Sibiseonnyetang valley.   

We took the left. It was already winter on the top.

Ansan(peak) stands alone with morning cloud.  

 Sibiseonnyetang Valley starts. Sibiseonnyetang means twelve angel's bathtub. It says, twelve angel visit this valley from time to time and take a bath. Every angel have their own bathtub in this valley.

Angel's bathtubs. It also says, if a man steals the angel's cloth then he can  marry with the angel.
I wish!

 While the valley and bathtubs are so beautiful, the trail is not so gentle. It is natural to pay some sweat to see God's masterpiece.
The highlight of this valley, the peach tub. 
I believe the owner of this tub is the most beautiful angel.

 The path though the autumn leave is so beautiful.

The valley leads us to heaven.  


If you like to visit Soraksan with a professional guide, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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