Obongsan (Obong mountain) - Hwacheon, Kangwon, Korea

Locating between Chuncheon and Hwacheon in Kangwondo, Obongsan (779M) usually known as a mountain at inland island. Due to the Soyang dam, the best way to visit this mountain was to take a boat. But the road has constructed and we can visit there by car, of course, the boat is still nice to take, no question.

Obongsan has a beautiful and long history temple named Cheongpyungsa, as well as fantastic trail and rocks. The tracking takes 3~4hours from the parking lot. So it will take a day to back and fourths from Seoul.

The trail map of Obongsan. The blue line was we have taken.  

 Obongsan trail starts with Soyang lake. It was not rain but was cloudy and dark.
Leaves which could not forget the autumn leads us to the winter, so calm.

 The valley also is preparing the winter coming.
In the valley, there's statue of a princess and a snake. There's a legend about this.  
A guy who lived in Dang dynasty of China loved the princess but the love could be happened due to the class. Then he died and turned into a snake. The snake visited the princess and tied her with its body. The princess couldn't escape at all and finally visited to Silla (Korea) to get a cure.
Once she arrived the Cheongpyungsa temple, she asked to the snake "please leave me alone while I pray" then the snake left for a while from her body.
She went to the temple and prayed, but the snake worried about if she was trying to escape. So the snake tried to find her and got into the temple. All of sudden, there was a thunder and the snake died.

It looks like a turtle, so we call it Turtle rock. 

A waterfall named Gusong Water fall. Gusong means nine pine trees. There was nine pine trees near to the water fall.

The tiny little cave called Gongjugul known as the place where the princess slept. 

 The main trail starts from the back yard of Cheonpyungsa. Obongsan is the typical rocky mountain.
 All dangerous place had ropes and holders.

After finishing some rocks, the Cheongpyungsa appears with its entire picture.  

 Trail goes on.

Life is something, I always feel about it. Even on the impossible cliff, there's a life. 

Tons of beautiful pine trees are in Korea. 

Expecting something around the corner, took a very careful step. 

After the corner, the top of Obongsan has shown up. It looks like there's a god is staying.  

The candlestick of god.  

 By the way, I am not the god.

You can see a mountain on the other side, Buyongsan. 

Before the top, you need to pass this narrow hole, called it Gumeong rock. 
There's heavy traffic here on the weekend and holiday. 

How to pass the Gumeong rock. 

 On the top of the Gumeong rock, Soyang lake gives a fairy tale view.
 And got the top finally.

 After the top, there's no more rocks and dangerous place. The trail is very gentle and very nice to walk and enjoy the season.
There's another peak, Kyungwunsan. It doesn't look like a peak.

On the peak, you can see the Bukhan river flows to the cloudy field. 

Back to the starting point, the cloud has gone and it gave us a clear view of Obongsan. 

What you can do after the tracking?
1. Enjoy the Soyang lake.
2. Visit Chuncheon city.
One of the activity you could take is visiting Chugok Yaksu.
It takes 15 mins driving from Obongsan to Chugok Yaksu. Chugok Yaksu is a fountain which the carbonic acid water comes out. This water known as a cure for stomach disease.

 The entrance of Chugok Yaksu.

One of funny things is the phone number of a restaurant. Can you read the phone number made by the Korean gambling card?
It says   011-9243-7576 and 033-243-X516! Don't believe? Try!

The fountain of carbonic acid water. It taste like the sprite without sugar!
Do you like to visit Obongsan (Obong mountain) with a professional guide? Please don't hesitate to contact hikingkorea356@Gmail.com.

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